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The Greatest Story Ever Played

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Nov 24, 2020

You get a random airdrop from "Goth GF". Will you accept or decline? Check out this visual novel with multiple endings. 


Game: Missed Messages

Release Year: 2019

Developer: Angela He

Platforms: Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS


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Nov 10, 2020

Do you have what it takes to win the tournament? Can you beat, the unbeatable champion Leon? Will you become the pride of Galar? 


Game: Pokemon Sword and Shield

Release Year: 2019

Developer: Game Freak

Platforms: Nintendo Switch


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Nov 2, 2020

The group is on the move again. Now they have a baby to take care of. Can they do what it takes to find safety? 


Game: The Walking Dead Season 2

Release Year: 2013

Developer: Telltale Games

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo...