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The Greatest Story Ever Played

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Apr 27, 2020

Anonymously send your thoughts into the world. Reply to what other people have sent out. Be kind to one another. Listen to chill lo fi beats. 


Game: Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

Release Year: 2019

Developer: Popcannibal

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux 


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Apr 20, 2020

This week I did a topical episode about Life is Strange since it won our March Madness of Video Games poll. I share my thoughts on the key elements to Life is Strange and examples of other media that gives me "Life is Strange vibes". 


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Apr 14, 2020

Start your new life on an island. Pick fruit, go fishing and catch insects. Get out of debt. Create a utopia. 


Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Release Year: 2020

Developer: Nintendo EPD

Platforms: Nintendo Switch


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Apr 7, 2020

The Empire is in control of the galaxy. The Jedi Order has been wiped out. Cal Kestis is on a mission to restore it. 


Game: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Release Year: 2019

Developer: Respawn Entertainment 

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One


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